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Past events: get the recording!

FEB 08

One lot, three options: planning a tiny homestead in Prince Edward County

Guest Speaker: Payam Shalchian, Instead Tiny Homes

Instead is a tiny home builder that believes the home is a part of a system and environment that must be viewed holistically. Using the example of a specific lot in Prince Edward County, he will walk us through the design process of a tiny homestead and show three potential configurations of home, ADU, greenhouse, etc.

JAN 17

Land leasing and hope for the tiny home community: Q&A with Bianca Metz

Guest Speaker: Bianca Metz from The Giving Tree Consultancy

Bianca Metz has been working tirelessly behind the scenes of the tiny home movement advocating for affordable housing in Ontario. We invited her to talk about getting land leasing to be a recognized part of the ADU framework for Ontario municipalities. She will also talk about the different developments she is seeing in her conversations with building officials and others in the industry.

DEC 05

Creative ways to buy property in a housing crisis

Guest Speaker: Kul Nijjar, Real Estate Agent in Kootenay, BC

How do you get into owning property if you're not a millionaire? Most people are asking themselves this very question! Buying unzoned land, setting up multiple small spaces, and buying with family and friends - Kul has seen it all. She helps her clients get creative in the current housing crisis, taking smaller steps to eventually get to their "dream home".

NOV 15

Where are Canadians parking their tiny homes?

Presented by: Maria Sturova, Editor of Tiny Homes in Canada

If you are planning to live tiny, you may be asking yourself, "How are all these other people finding land for their tiny homes?" We will go over this together and, in plain language, discuss ALL the options that we've seen Canadians use.

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We typically send land listings every other Wednesday and there are about 20 land opportunities in each email.

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No, we receive no fees from the land owners or real estate agents. We are also not associated with the listings in any way.

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